5 Top Promotional Products for Your Business

Promoting your business is a 24/7 job in itself. One of the top ways of business promotion is by giving away products that will remind the customer of your business. The products will also market your business. The following are examples of promotional products; shirts, hats, sweatshirts, pants, pens, mugs, glasses, pennants, stickers, key chains, and calendars. The company’s main task in regards to promotional products is to get the company logo on everything available. Below are the Top 5 best rated promotional products to market your business.#1: T-ShirtsT-shirts with the company logo on it is a great way to attract customers and build your business. Potential clients and current customers will see the logo and understand what line of work you are in. If the logo stands out the people will always remember it, and keep it in mind when they want to hire the business’s services. It is also a good idea to give customers or potential customers free t-shirts that represent your business. People love free merchandise and when they wear the shirts, other people may ask them a question about the business. In reality your customers are advertising for you without even knowing it. This creates a lot of exposure and popularity for your business.#2: Hats/CapsHats or ball caps with the business logo on it can be a very rewarding promotional product that will help market and expand your business. Large quantities of people enjoy wearing caps or hats. Giving away hats to customers or potential customers will help the business. As stated above, the business owner can wear the hat and also give them out to current or potential customers. The customers can wear the hats or caps. Wearing the hats will have potential customers ask questions about the business and what the business does.#3: Writing PensWriting pens can often be overlooked, but if the business logo is a powerful image the pen may be a great business product. Pens are very cheap and can be given out to family, friends, customers, and potential customers. The pens, just like the hats or shirts, will market your business in a positive way.#4: CalendarsCreating business calendars can cost a lot, but also can help the business gain a lot of customers. The business can put their logo on the calendar and also offer special coupons that can be cut out of the calendar. The business can offer coupons during various months of the year. Not only will this method gain business, but it will also gain business during slower times of the year.#5: Mugs/Glasses/BottlesMany people drink beverages during the day and night. Businesses can benefit by putting their logos on mugs, water bottles, and drinking glasses. Many people will see the logos and begin to inquire about the business services.Closing:Running a business is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week lifestyle. Sales and marketing is always the focus point of any business. By using these simple promotional items, you can cut your marketing budget in half and watch your business grow.

Simple Steps to Increase Home Business Productivity

Maybe you’re just beginning to think about starting your home business, or perhaps you’ve taken the plunge and have found the perfect opportunity or business idea. Regardless of how far into the planning you are, there are some simple concepts to consider when you’re the captain of your own ship. It’s very easy when you work alone or on your own to loose track of time and become distracted by every phone call or email that you receive during the day. Although communication is important, being able to distinguish between what you must do immediately and what can wait is often difficult. When you own your own business, you’re in charge of creating your own lively-hood, and when you aren’t productive, you don’t make money.Here are some tips to help you increase the productivity of your business and create the kind of income that you desire from your business.First of all, make a schedule and stick to it. One of the main reasons that people are drawn to a home business is the thought of having flexible hours and being your own boss. But just because you’re the decision maker doesn’t mean you’re good at it from the get go. When you worked away from home for someone else, you had others to tell you where you had to be and when, and you were accountable to them. Now, since that is no longer the case, you have to manage your own time. Being without a schedule or routine is often a strange and uncomfortable feeling for many new home business owners. Create office hours and stick to them. Tell your family and friends when your business hours are and ask them to treat that schedule just as they did when you worked at a job. They will take your home business seriously when they know that you are dedicated to working at and growing your business. Don’t be tempted to put a task off for later just because something came up or someone called. There will always be other things to do and things will never stop ‘coming up,’ so respect yourself and your home business by devoting specific hours to your new lifestyle.Another issue common to home business owners is being able to avoid distractions. Just as above with setting office hours and staying with them, being able to ignore distractions that aren’t emergencies is a hard ability for some to master. If you work at home with young children, then some distractions will be unavoidable and part of the beauty of a home business, but others such as phone calls from your sister or visits from your best friend at 10:00 am, which is during your office hours, are really only taking you away from your ability to be productive and earn money. Be sure to leave the television off and the radio too if it is a distraction to you as well.Every business needs to have a plan, even the smallest of setups. Before you can get busy creating and marketing your product or service, you must know what you want to get from your business. Very many new home business owners tend to neglect the simple productivity skill of goal setting. If you have no idea what your’e going to do next, and just work on a wing and a prayer, then you’ll find yourself spinning wheels and decreasing your productivity. Set short-term goals along with your long-term ones so that you can mark out each day’s tasks. Your short-term goals should also help you achieve your long-term goal.One final simple step that every home business owner should take daily is to remember to have fun. Avoid being stressed about your home-based business – the reason why you got into it in the first place is because you wanted to be free from the regular troubles of your previous job. Meet each day and objective as positively as you can, and before long you will achieve the level of success you desire from your home business.